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Bathrooms (as & where selected)

Hand wipe exterior of light fixtures
Vacuum bath mat & wipe scale
Mirrors & glass shower door exterior
Clean towel holder & fold towels neatly
Shower bottles wiped down
Wire caddy general exterior wipe only
Shower window ledge (if reachable)
Dust shower head & wand
Shower surround cleaned (grout scrub)
Shower doors interior (glass, handle, tracks)
Shower base / tub scrubbed / jets
Drain general detailing
Sparkle shower & detail faucets
Wipe / replace shower items
Wipe / shine exterior of tub apron
Doorknob & door / trim spot cleaned
Light & plug plates dusted
Pictures & wall items dusted
Side wall & behind sink wall washed
Items on counter wiped / dusted
Vanity top cleaned
Cabinets fronts cleaned
Window ledge cleaned
Chair / door molding dusted
Inside sink / drain
Faucets detailed
Inside toilet cleaned
Toilet seat including hinges
Toilet base, walls around
Vacuum floor where necessary (pets, hair)
HAND wash floor & baseboards (kneepads)
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Wash, dry, & sparkle stainless steel
Wash dining room tabletop only
Clean fridge exterior (handle, door)
Cabinet doors / drawers (handle, front)
Spot clean backsplash
Wipe clean plug plates/light plates
Wash countertop & feel to ensure clean
Wash exterior of small appliances
Wash coffee machine drip tray
Clean interior of microwave
Sparkle door of microwave
Wipe under ledge of microwave, sides, top
Clean exterior hood fan (buttons, top)
Clean exterior of countertop items
Clean stove top & sparkle
Wipe down around gas burners
Clean buttons, dials, handle of stove
Wipe out drip pans electric stove
Clean exterior oven door front / side
Trifold kitchen clothes neatly & hang
Clean island top well (sparkle granite)
Spot clean island cabinet door
Wash / dust breakfast bar chairs
Sparkle up chrome bar chair bases
Sparkle glass pantry door
Kitchen window and ledge (if reachable)
Wipe dish bottle/ hand wash bottle
Kitchen faucet sparkle
Sink drain/sink plugs cleaned
Sink inside cleaned / dried (walls, edges)
Wipe exterior of exposed garbage can
Wipe kitchen kickplate area
Hand wipe stuck on kitchen floor spills
Wipe antifatigue rugs
Re-line garbage container
Vacuum / sweep floor & damp mop floor
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Dusting in Living Room

Lamp shades or light stands/fixtures
Light switch / plug plates
Damp wipe flat surfaces
Dust fronts of cabinets
Light dust delicate items
Dust / Sparkle picture frames / glass
Dust around table / sofa legs
Dust crosshair / lower level furniture bars
Refold & neatly place blankets / pillows
Dry wipe leather couch — new cloth
Whisk / vacuum under cushions
Dry dust glass / back of exposed tv screen
Dry wipe tv / audio equipment
Patio door glass inside only
Dusting / washing dining table / chairs. Please leave chairs out so can vacuum under table
Removing hair from chair legs
Doorknobs & doors
Fireplace mantels dusted
Sparkling vases, big décor pieces
Mirror doors dusted / sparkled
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Floors Living, Dining, Foyer, Hall, Bedrooms

Vacuum bathroom mats
Vacuum area rugs
Vacuum carpets
Damp mop hard floors
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Final Tasks & Checks

Place trash where instructed
Pets safe & secure
Final checks
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