Our COVID-19 Plan


Our COVID-19 Plan – Your Safety is Our Priority!

  1. We send one cleaner to provide most routine service visits.
  2. Our cleaners do not meet at an office in large groups before they go to work.
  3. For larger one-time jobs, two cleaners are sent in separate cars w/ separate tools.
  4. We use disposable - hospital-grade mop pads that deep clean without chemicals.
  5. We always use disposable nitrile gloves during your clean.
  6. We use NSF Internationally certified clean microfiber clothes
  7. We use disposable Swiffer Dusters for those low-touch - out of the way places.
  8. Clients can request that our staff wear a professionally made TakeCare Employee clothe mask.
  9. Clients can opt to add our Sanitization TouchPoint Service to any clean upon request.
  10. Physical distancing guidelines while in your home will be a priority for all.

What We Ask of Our Clients

  1. We ask you to skip a visit should someone in your household be ill for any reason. No skip fees.
  2. We are cleaning for health - not exposure. We refer clients to a service that specializes in exposure cleaning.
  3. We ask you to relocate to a different room your cleaner is in if you are home.
  4. We understand some clients are working from home so just let us know if you want us to skip a room.
  5. You do not have to meet your cleaner at the door - just unlock door. We will knock and announce ourselves.
  6. If you choose not to be home at all - just let us know. We can text you when we are done.
  7. We ask you to supply a good working vacuum where possible.

Thank you for your interest in our services.

Tanya Martinussen

Owner, MaidMojo Cleaning Services

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